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Helpful Tips on Going Organic for our Baby

Helpful Tips on Going Organic for Your Baby

Going organic for your baby can be fun and easy. The best part is you can also make food for the whole family. I will be able to help you map out different organic menu options that are baby friendly. But most importantly, will not disrupt the dinner flow for the rest of the hungry clan. Using my tips will make being a full-time mom seem like a part-time job. How important is organic food? It is more benificial than you may think. Get away from fast food loaded with chemicals and eat food the way nature intended.

One item that you should always have in the pantry is organic tomato sauce. Why organic? Well, the next time you are at the grocery store pick up a jar of the “regular” stuff. As you read the ingredients you will notice a whole list of items you probably have never even heard of and that means processed food. This sauce most likey lost a lot of its nutrients during that “process”. Another fact is that it is loaded with sugar! Feeding you family sugar for dinner? Go organic! The best part of organic tomato sauce is that you can sneak in a whole serving of vegetables in less than eight ounces of sauce. It is all natural and you know exactly what your family is consuming for dinner.

In the past, women thought ” Eating For Two” meant eating twice the amount of food. Many women have educated themselves on eating healthy during pregnancy but once that developing baby becomes an addtional person in your growing family ,you end up feeding him or her chicken fingers and french fries. Is fried chicken and fried potatoes really ” That bad” Yes, yes and yes! The chicken fingers sometimes come from left over parts of the chicken and the trans-fat can lead to childhood obesity. The french fries are probably fried in the same oil and even if they have their own oil bucket you could be setting up your child with very bad eating habits.

My solution is buying a fresh whole organic chicken from the supermarket. You cut up the chicken before baking so you know exactly what parts your baby will eat. If you cut the chicken breast in round shapes or squares it will make dinner time more fun! Then lightly coat them with seasoned bread crumbs. Then bake until fully cooked. You will have chicken fingers your child loves while feeding them fresh organic meats. Now to make french fries, buy a small bag of organic potatoes. You can use three potatoes to feed the whole family! With the economy making us all pinch our pennies, you can save money and eat healthy. Cut the potatoes like long match sticks, lightly season and spray the organic version of the non stick cooking spray lightly of the fries.

The hidden secret of all cooks is learning to use seasonings to make their food taste good. When I make fresh organic food for my baby, I know I am giving her a good start to a happy and healthy life.

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