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Baby Room Crafts

Baby Room Crafts

Since Nate is in school, I have had plenty of time to decorate the nursery. I wont show you pictures of the room until its completely done, which will be very soon, but I will share what I have done for his room. First off people have been asking what his bedding looks like. I wanted something modern and no animals. NOT that I don't love little animals, it's just not my style. So here is his "to die" for bedding.

I didn't make this, I bought it but I thought it was so dang cute. HIs first little piggy bank!

I got all the cute ribbon that matched to colors in his room and decided I would hot glue them to his lamp in some sort of weird way. The picture looks rather funny but its super cute. I promise.

This sweet baby thing was sage green where the orange is. It took me along time to match colors on the orange and blue, but I did it and they look great with his bedding and the rest of the room.

I couldn't figure out what to do as far as wall decorations, so I made my own. These are canvas paintings, that obviously are just plain colored and I attached ribbon that I found to give it some pizzaz! They will look good on the wall.

My grandma gave me this, it was yellow before so I painted it blue. Its something special between grandma and I, that I though little baby could be a part of too.

Last- I basically made this from scratch, just a piece of wood painted then I used rub on letters, made the little giraffe, gloss coated it, attached the ribbon and put some felt on the back so it didn't bang on the door. I think it's pretty cute!

So far thats all I have done- that I am going to show- I have a few more things on the way and a couple more things to pick up from the store. So far I am loving how his room is turning out, it's better than I expected!!


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